Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Years and Counting...

Two years ago, I promised to be your lifelong companion and I knew more than an adventure, it would be our union, but never could I have imagined that it was even more than that. You made me realize my worth as a person. You made me love and live again. Loving you has become automatic now and is so ingrained in who I am that I forget that there was a time of me before you.

Why I love you comes to me in little reminders every day. When you sing on top of your lungs your favorite songs, when I wake up and the first thing that I see is your face, when we eat together, and we dream together. These and all and every single day that I spend with you remind me how much I have grown to love everything that is you.

More than anything else, there is nothing more beautiful to me than the love we have for each other where we find complete fulfillment. There is no deeper love from that which comes from giving, helping, caring, and the discovering the happiness that is only found in sharing. Our partnership has been a common search for the good and the beautiful. It gives us the capacity to forgive and forget, giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow.

To love you and to be loved by you is happiness and contentment. This love is a miracle and it is through this that I have discovered the fullness of life. Thank you so much for everything Mikey. You mean the world to me and by just being there, I al ready have all the riches in the world. You are the greatest gift heaven has ever sent. I look forward to more years with you and sharing more love and fun. May this day and the years to come be blessed. Here’s to a love that will last. I love you and I always will!!!

"At times the days seemed so long, I thought I'd never make it through,Then suddenly, out of a dream, I have met someone like you.I had locked up all my feelings and I'd thrown away the key,Until your heart spoke a thousand words I knew were meant to be."
Happy Anniversary to you and me,
For all the time we have spent together and the years to come,
With every passing day I reassure myself your the one!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"If for any reason the new Miss Universe cannot fulfill her duties, the First Runner Up will take over. The First Runner Up is..." Almost, but not quite. These outstanding women were just a breath away from the crown and each of them could have also made an outstanding reign as Miss Universe. Here's a tribute to the spectacular women who almost won Miss Universe this decade...

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Friday, March 27, 2009

March International Women's Month Feature: Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang

Gabriela Silang: Isang Pagpupugay sa Kabayanihan ng Isang Babaeng Tinguian

Si Diego Silang ang naghimagsik sa Ilocos nuong Disyembre 1762. Napalayas niya ang mga Español mula Vigan, Ilocos Sur, at tinalo niya ang mga sandatahang Español na paulit-ulit nagtangkang lupigin siya. Nagtayo siya ng malayaang pamahalaan, ang pang-2 pamahalaan ng katutubo sa Pilipinas [nakatayo pa nuon ang malayang pamahalaan ni Dagohoy sa Bohol]. Nakipag-ugnay at kinilala ang pamahalaan niya ng sandatahang Britain, na nuon ay sumasakop sa Manila, dahil sa digmaan ng España at Britain sa Europa [seven-year war, 1756-1763]. Napatay siya nuong Mayo 1763 ng isang mamatay-taong inarkila ng mga Español. Ipinagpatuloy ng kanyang viuda, si Maria Josefa Gabriela Silang, at ng tio, si Nicolas Carino, ang paghihimagsik ngunit nagapi sa sagupaan sa Kabugao. Tumakbo sila sa Abra at nagbuo ng sandatahang lumusob sa Vigan uli ngunit natalo; binitay si Gabriela nuong Septiyembre 30, 1763.
(Sa pagdiriwang ng Pandaigdigang Buwan ng Kababaihan, ipinagmamalaki kong ang isa sa pinakamatapang na babae sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas ay nagmula sa angkan naming mga Tinguian.)
Below are some artists' portrayals of Gabriela Silang, the early Tiguian way of life, and some vestiges of the Tinguian culture that still exist in Abra, several interior municipalities of Ilocos Norte, Sur, La Union, and the Cordilerras! Please click the each picture for clearer view. Thanks...

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Nothing is permanent. Perhaps change is the only constant. People are transient. They come in and out of our lives. I know I had all the chance to stay had I been wiser, but it's time to move on and things have been done. I had my heydays in Convergys and my professional life had its happiest moments working in the company. I met the most incredible people who enriched me and made me better, personally and professionally. There were moments that I was inspired and disheartened, angered and overjoyed. Certainly, there were a lot more of those fun times, only because you were there. The burden was not so much felt and not missing a day at work was the most satisfying thing because I would always see you and work with you. But everything went so swift and when I finally decided that the wisest thing was to leave, I did not have much opportunity to say goodbye and thank you all people for the wonderful experience I had in Convergys because of you.

The pain of leaving is so unspeakable. I still do not know how I will be able to get used to working days without seeing you again, laughing with you, and sharing with you precious moments at work. But then again, we all have to move on and start another chapter in our lives after one has been closed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making my stay in Convergys unforgettable. The friendship and professional relationships I had with you all will forever be etched in my heart wherever I may go. Our friendship will remain unparalleled. I will always be proud saying that I once worked in Convergys and that I met you all. Goodbye and may the blessings of the Invisible always bend towards us all and be never thwarted. Until we meet again...



Friday, January 30, 2009

OT...OT...OT and More OT hours...

This is my reply to the blog written by a certain Nessa and posted by Mac. This is just my opinion as well. I tried to keep it as balanced as I could but I could not help but take a stronger side in favor of my fellow advisors. This is because I can relate. I am also a part of this debacle. And you will never fully understand what we are ranting unless you are part of those demolishing the queue and making Mother Afina a better sight! ….and I am also part of those whose throats are in danger of havoc. Oooopsssss. I know that. Do not start telling me that this is part of the compromise I entered into when I decided to enter this Industry, blah blah blah... I perfectly know that….

Yes, Jason is right. There is a provision of the Labor Code of the Philippines allowing the imposition of mandatory overtime work hours...

I believe that part of the Code is this….

Art. 89. Emergency overtime work. Any employee may be required by the employer to perform overtime work in any of the following cases:

When the country is at war or when any other national or local emergency has been declared by the National Assembly or the Chief Executive;

When it is necessary to prevent loss of life or property or in case of imminent danger to public safety due to an actual or impending emergency in the locality caused by serious accidents, fire, flood, typhoon, earthquake, epidemic, or other disaster or calamity;

When there is urgent work to be performed on machines, installations, or equipment, in order to avoid serious loss or damage to the employer or some other cause of similar nature;

When the work is necessary to prevent loss or damage to perishable goods; and

Where the completion or continuation of the work started before the eighth hour is necessary to prevent serious obstruction or prejudice to the business or operations of the employer.

And I also agree that resigning is not the best option towards this agony we have all been going through for the past months. Imagine us having a job that earns more than what millions of other Filipinos here in the country do. And imagine the rise of unemployment not just in the country but also across the globe. Yes we are still indeed lucky because we are still able to make both ends meet despite the global economic slump and that we are in a stable company in the BPO Industry where a lot have either closed or have laid off some of their employees....

However, I share the sentiments of Nessa and probably the rest of us and I certainly agree that the new policy on lost hours that must be recovered through mandatory OT has taken its toll on the mind and the body. Tired workers can make tragic mistakes. The issue however is whether those up there are concerned on the effects of long hours of forced overtime on workers' health although experts say there are no studies on the relationship between forced overtime and health problems, and not all studies confirm the harmful effects of working long shifts. But job stress, according to psychologist Stein--which many employees say is exacerbated by mandatory overtime, can be hazardous to health. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health also adds that job-related stress increases the risk of muscle and skeletal disorders, heart disease, depression and burnout. Other than the physical stress that we get, there is more that threatens our psychological and emotional well-beings and that is worse.

And what do we get other than those teensy-weensy "paconsuelo de bobo" freebies last Christmas such as a stick of Stick-o, a piece of jelly ace, a God-knows-how-tiny piece of cracker, etcetera etcetera? A barrage of warnings here and there!!! And this is not helpful either. Let me reminisce this…. Guys! Yes, you who saw, heard, and felt how we were made like vagabonds when we had fun getting those left-over freebies from that big “supot” whose contents were bought from the precious fat paycheck of those up there. Alam nyo yun? Ikaw pa ang nagmukhang patay gutom sa kakarampot na pinamumudmod. You just don’t know how much It felt so kawawa not on our part but you know who… and you know who looks more like a vagabond…. Tama na…. Sorry pero hindi ko nagustuhan yun. I can buy more expensive chocolates for each single advisor on the floor…. Haayyyy.. This is so bad of me…

Something drastic must be done to cushion the hazardous psychological effects of this policy other than having disgruntled advisors whose lips are at the waterline and a few more pressure and bang! They will sink in the water and got no other option but resign. I have that feeling too and I feel like I am hanging in there by my fingernails. We are not motivated by those warnings and those snowman goodies only make us even feel worse. We need to feel valued. We need to feel that we are being nurtured and not as immediate tools to save somebody else's ass. Sorry for the word and I am also sorry to say that not a single and sincere way of apologizing has been said and done for this severe inconvenience that has stolen some precious hours from us. Who would feel good if you have already toggled in 3.0 "end of shift" 3 minutes before the actual end of shift and your best friend "schedule change" pops up your colossal screen and tells you to glue your ass some 30 minutes more on your seat? I know everyone understands the agony of seeing your lunch trimmed down to just 30 minutes and this is excruciating because an hour of break from nonstop talk on the phone is only one’s invaluable respite not just from tiring queue but also from that endless list of metrics that you have to bear in mind in every single call that you are taking.

The worst that I had where I almost committed homicide with my bare hands was when I was plotted a one and a half-hour of pre-shift mandatory OT. It’s not just that because I already knew about that pre-plotted snowman. When I pulled up my schedule viewer application, I almost fainted and I was foaming in the mouth. I almost went ballistic because my break schedule was break-break-lunch. Ang sakit sa bangs di ba? I was nauseated and I felt like throwing up. I was thinking that sticking my finger in the wall socket or pricking needles in my eyes might have even felt better. Good thing I arrived at my station 30 minutes before the plotted pre-shift OT and saw that set up. After pulling up all my sh*t, I had to go down and run like Barbie runs to the newly-opened Jollibee downstairs to grab a quick munch of their all-new burger. I had no time to eat anything before leaving the house since I was in a hurry to be on time for that pre shift sh*t. Tell me anything humane about taking lunch only after 6 hours from the start of your shift with an empty stomach… I had to rant and vent out but I calmed down. I let it pass. I was almost on the verge of casus belli for World War III but I thought it was futile. The survival of the whatever was far more important than my hunger. I just comforted myself by the fact that probably, that schedule helped saved a million bucks and that millions of Filipinos are in dire poverty and do not have the opportunity of having a fairly-decent paying job such as mine.

On the other hand, I also understand that we need to save our ass*s from the clients by finishing the day with a passing SL, that precious SL, among other KPIs. After all, passing SL is among those that continue to feed us. I know that this is the silent part of the contact that we all signed. Sort of like a social contract that there can be times when we have no option but to make the organization survive by certain sacrifices. At this point in time, no one should be blamed. Everyone is just doing his job and this is what the situation calls for. This is all part of staying intact and unscathed by the plague of the global financial crisis. But remember that doing sacrifices has its end for some people. I hope that the situation when everybody leaves because everybody is tired and burnt out will not happen…

But those up there must realize, I certainly still believe they do, that losing people and creating an atmosphere of dissatisfaction and the lost of motivation among its people is the worst nightmare that an organization can suffer from. There needs to be a mutual relationship between the organization and its people to fulfill each other’s needs. The organization needs people and the people need the organization as well. Organizational communication then is a vital factor. There must be an effective implementation of ways to allow healthy and open communication between the two. Sound management policies are best implemented when there is an open door. People must have access to voice out their opinions and join in formulating the best ways to improve the overall efficiency of the organization because after all, the people who are at the forefront of the organization’s processes also know and have equal access to the real issues and problems that affect the organization.

…I just miss those days when I cannot wait to go to work, all excited and ready…now, I do not know. My lips are also at the waterline…

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My BIG 2010...

Soon and very soon, I will wake up to my 30th birthday giving thanks for yet another day of life. I had never felt better or more alive. I no longer take my days for granted ever since I learned that appreciating everything and every person sent to accompany me on my journey was a very satisfying way to live. Even more magical, the more I give thanks the more I seem to have to be grateful for.

I am having a brief historical flashback of all the significant points in my journey that had brought me to being 30, especially all the achievements and pioneering activities I had done. I marveled at it all. I try not to dwell on past negativities because they do not resolve anything, neither do they help my future because they are already gone and I am still here; still able to change my actions if I wish, to reach for the skies and beyond and still as fabulous as I can be despite the dreaded feeling of being asked of my age.

Though sometimes I get the temptation of feeling that birthdays are a bitch. No, this is not a rant about growing old and about the death of idealism
So here we are 30....
Like a first date gone badly, this a tad awkward. I can already tell we’re going to require a transition period as we get to know each other, Just go easy on me: No aches and pains to remind the body of my advancing age, no beer belly as my metabolism slows down even further, and please no surprise like a receding hairline as I enter my fourth decade.

The truth is being 30 doesn’t bother me too much. Since I act (and some might say look) like I’m still 25 or even younger, I figure I’m okay for the short term. Plus, in times like these I am comforted by a Rolodex of clichés by which to live. Age is just a stage of mind. You are only as old as you feel. Blah. Blah. Blah. I feel nominally better. Though we all know that if by some tragic mishap, I had procreated in my twenties (Good Lord I didn’t!), I’d be feeling and acting very old by now.

Age 30 is a moment of truth when certain realities of life firmly take hold.

This brings me to what does concern me about leaving 29 in the dust. I don’t know…

Yes, here we are 30. It sure isn’t what it used to be. They’ve even got a new trendy name for it. There are four traditional phases of life- childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. These have been replaced by at least six according to New York Times columnist David Brooks (whether we like it or not)- childhood, adolescence, odyssey, adulthood, active retirement, and old age.

What is the “odyssey” stage? According to him, this is the decade of wandering that frequently occurs between adolescence and adulthood. During this decade, as Brooks explains, “20-somethings still go to school, take breaks from school or probably most have already graduated. They live with friends abd they live at home. They fall in and out of love. They try one career and then try another.”

Yep, that pretty much describes it, except for living at home part. I’d also like to extend “20-somethings” into early “30-somethings”, but only until I am completely done with graduate school (when will that be…? huhuhuhuhu…) After that is when I move back in with my mom and my sisters, who as I would say confidently that it is a joke (nyahahahaha… I feel like they already have a hint that I am living with my “significant other”)

Still, I wonder- and fear- whether Brooks is just trying to make excuses for my generation, giving a name to the wanderlust that so many of us fall willing victim to. Odyssey sure sounds better that aimless. But I also think there is a hint of envy in his words. He speaks for a generation that by-and-large married earlier, stayed closer to home and stuck with one career. Far fewer lived independently, and I am curious about what, if any, effect that may have as the baby-boomers approach their golden years.

As far as I can tell, there’s no specific date when odyssey years are supposed to end, though I cant shake the feeling that today is one of those artificial benchmarks when decisions must be made. To that, I can challenge the symbolism of today to take its best shot, hoping that I can effectively dodge all bullets.

So hello thirties and goodbye to my twenties….

So, with the knowledge that my 30th year is the beginning of the rest of my life, which I intend to make the BEST of my life, I am really going to enjoy the journey. It’s not my heyday just yet but my years have been truly wonderful and now life goes on as I welcome my adult years as I continue to enjoy the gift and true blessing that is my family and my Mikey. CHEERS to another glorious year!

"I have made a birthday resolution. I will still be a dreamer, but a more realistic dreamer..."